Inter under Fire: Inter TV Channel blockade ends: peace deal reached (updated)
Society17:32 Sep. 6, 2016

Inter TV Channel blockade ends: peace deal reached (updated)

Inter TV channel says it did not arrange any agreements with protesters  

Inter TV Channel insists it did not have any talks with rally organisers. The channel rejects activists claims about reaching a deal. 

Earlier one of the rally coordinators and a member of St. Maria battalion, Oleksiy Serdiuk, reported that the activists and the TV Channel representatives have come to an agreement.

According to him, within five days the channel has to change its editorial policy and dismiss Ihor Shuvalov who is the Deputy Director on developing the company "National Informational Systems", which is a news department of "Inter'. Oleksiy Serdiuk said, "if the channel fails to observe the deal, the blockade will be resumed in a more radical way."


Since yesterday, protesters have been blocking the central office of 'Inter'.

The events started on Sunday, when protesters set fire to car tires near the news department office of 'Inter' Channel, which is located in a different part of Kyiv from the main building, the fire soon spread inside of the building.

Activists declared an indefinite rally outside the central office. They pitched tents, spent a night in them and promised not to let employees in "until the TV channel stops broadcasting Russian propaganda."

The TV channel website reads that 'Inter' has already appealed to the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General's Office and Ukraine's Security Service regarding law breach, and has filed 10 claims on obstruction of journalists' activities.

Yesterday, the National Police representatives received video footage from CCTV cameras of the company.

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