: Discovering the secrets of Kyiv metro railway's night life (photo, video)
Society12:39 Jul. 23, 2016

Discovering the secrets of Kyiv metro railway's night life (photo, video)

Every night 1,500 repair workers to fix the rails and sleepers

Where do the metro trains go after the last passenger leaves the station? And when do the engine drivers have to get up to deliver the first train to the platform at 5.30 am? The journalists have attempted to unveil the hidden world of Kyiv underground railway hidden underneath the usual platforms.

After the last train leaves the station and usual people go to bed, nearly 1,500 repairmen start working. For instance, at the night of filming they are to change rail track on the stretch between two central stations. The head of the brigade says they are facing problems.

Ihor Sushko, Head of the Repair Service: "It is broken into pieces. The rail has endured only a third of the probable weight. It needs to be replaced fully."

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The rail tracks are usually delivered in pieces of 25 metres, after that being welded and then headed to the repair site. The metro workers say it is very uncomfortable, since underneath they have to unite the pieces manually. In Europe on the contrary the rails are welded exactly in the tunnel, in Ukraine though it is currently forbidden.

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All in all the metro service staff dispose of no more than 4 hours to bring the stations in order before the first passengers arrive at the station. The works include replacing the rail tracks and sleepers, as well as electricity and station repairing. The top managers say in order to lessen the overall capacities of the staff the fourth line is to be launched, preferably to the left Dnipro bank.

Viktor Braginsky, Head of Kyiv Metro Railway: "It is difficult to define the real terms of construction. We will meet once more in September to discuss this issue."

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While the top management is preparing for the next round of talks, the repairmen hurry to finish their work, for in a while morning shift is about to start.

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