: Kharkiv high-school grads choose to help sick kids instead of prom
Society10:30 May. 22, 2016

Kharkiv high-school grads choose to help sick kids instead of prom

Students say buying a dress or hosting a fancy party is not as important as saving a life

Graduates at one of Kharkiv's high schools will not have a typical prom this year. Instead of spending money on a lavish party with fancy dresses and limos, the students will donate the funds to help children suffering from heart disease.

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The grade 11 students are following a three-year tradition at their school. The principal there says it's crucial for young people to understand that there are more important things in life than expensive clothes.

Oleksandr Makohon, School Principal: "The money doesn't really come from the kids, it comes from the parents. That's why we don't just go to the kids directly but also talk to the parents and explain to them how important it is to donate to a good cause."

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The graduates say they still plan to hold a small quiet party wearing regular clothes.

Masha Tytchenko, grade 11 student: "There are going to be plenty of holidays ahead - when we saw the kids that are sick - well, we feel sorry for them and thoughts about buying a dress don't really come to your mind at that point. to save a life is much more important."

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This year there will be 36 graduates at the school. To date, they raised about USD 7,000. But they say the amount will keep growing up until graduation day since a lot of other students and parents are donating to the cause as well.

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