: Kyiv hosts second annual night marathon
Society18:16 Jun. 13, 2016

Kyiv hosts second annual night marathon

Runners from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and Israel battle 5km and 10km distance during the dark

It's not an ordinary kind of marathon. This one is for all the night owls out there. The second annual Kyiv Night Run drew about two thousand runners this weekend.

The goal is to run either 5 or 10-kilometre distance long after the sunset.

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Most of the runners are here with friends, running alone in the middle of the night can be somewhat difficult. However, there are a few brave souls battling the distance all on their own.

Yulii, runner: "A night marathon is a bit stressful for the body, but it's a really cool thing. My friends should have joined me!"

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And humans aren't the only ones running in the streets of Kyiv. This cat is now a bonified marathon runner. The owner says it's easier for them to run together.

This is truly an international marathon, not only runners from Ukraine but also Israel, Belarus and Germany are taking part in the Kyiv Night Run. All of the participants got a medal for their accomplishment.

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