Kyiv Murals: Dozens of new artworks spring up across Ukraine's capital (photos) - read on -

17:23 Jan. 14, 2016

Kyiv Murals: Dozens of new artworks spring up across Ukraine's capital (photos)

Kyiv Murals: Dozens

International and Ukrainian artists continue to decorate Kyiv streets

Picturesque Ukrainian landscapes, lovely kids, historic figures and even patriotic scenes from outer space – dozens of colourful murals have sprung up in Ukrainian capital after the Revolution of Dignity.

Over the last two years painters not only from Ukraine, but also from Spain, Argentina, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, and even from Australia came to Kyiv to bring in some colour to the city's streets.

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Ukrainian blogger Sergii Gryshkevych, who currently lives in Sweden, has created an interactive map to explore the various murals decorating both narrow lanes and wide avenues in different parts of the city.

The artists say that the murals give an opportunity to take art out of the gallery and bring it to the streets, giving ordinary people a chance to admire art in their everyday lives.

In Ukraine street art serves one more important social purpose – it gives hope to Ukrainians that a bright a future still lies ahead and peace will eventually come to their country after years of turmoil.

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