: Kyiv Soviet-era arch will remain intact - Ukraine's Culture Ministry

14:43 May. 23, 2016

Kyiv Soviet-era arch will remain intact - Ukraine's Culture Ministry

Friendship of Nations Arch, Kyiv, Ukraine. (Photo UNIAN)

A nearby statue could be replaced by a monument to Ukrainian soldiers

The titanium rainbow-shaped 'Friendship of Nations Arch' dedicated to the anniversary of the U.S.S.R. will not be dismantled, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Yulia Datsenko wrote on her Facebook page.

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‘We want to clarify something, so we would avoid additional questions and screaming headlines in the mass media outlets. The fact is that nobody is going to demount anything. This issue should be made subject to wide public discussions,' Datsenko says.

The Ministry's spokeswoman pointed out that the sculptural ensemble is divided into the arch and the bronze statue depicting Russian and Ukrainian workers.

‘It is obvious that this monument will look perfect as an example of Socialist art in a potential museum of totalitarian regimes (which exist across Europe). But the arch itself will remain intact,' the spokeswoman says.

Today, there is a number of possible compositions that could substitute the monument near the arch.

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‘There is ‘The Music House' project of the late Zaha Hadid. Besides, there was a number of suggestions concerning the Presidential Decree's fulfillment, aimed at the commemoration of the ATO (Anti-Terroristic Operation) servicemen heroic deeds. This monument was to be built in the central part of the city. There was a number of ideas about the expansion of the monument to the whole Pantheon of Heroes, those who defended the sovereignty of Ukraine at all times,' Datsenko added.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine says it will inform Ukrainians about the possible monuments that can substitute the Soviet-era statue before taking any measures.


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