: Lion family living in private house
Society18:01 Jul. 14, 2016

Lion family living in private house

Former animal trainer in search of potential owners for the newly born lion cubs

Real African lions live in the usual house in Khmelnytsky region in western Ukraine. Once two of them, now there are six animals, since the lion's couple has had four little cubs. Their owner is now looking for anyone ready to host the little predators.

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Serhiy Palyokhin is a former animal trainer. He has been working in the circus for 15 years. After deciding to establish his own private zoo, Palyokhin bought a male lion. A big pet named Amur has been living in the yard of his private house until 5 years later his owner brought a female tiger Tiara.

Serhiy Palyokhin, lions owner: "I saw her in the circus. Her previous owner left her alone, and the circus administration told if I do not take her with me they will have to devitalize the animal. That is how Tiara came to my house."

There are already four children in the lions' family, two male and two female cubs. Palyokhin's neighbours claim they are not afraid of such residents besides. A local vet examines the predators regularly.

Vasyl Vovk, veterinarian: "The lions are already vaccinated against viral infections. Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind the lions are wild animals, thus, can never be fully domesticated."

This is the cage the owner constructed for his pets himself. Serhiy says it is going to be a perfect house for them even during the winter. However, in a while they will have to give the cubs away, since there will be hardly any space for six adult animals.

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At first Palyokhin intended to give them to the local zoo. After a while he abandoned the idea claiming the zoo keepers do not follow the sanitary norms. Now the owner is searching for some private animal lovers to host the lion cubs, and probably for guarding their private houses.

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