: Long-distance trips with pets may become possible
Entertainment09:30 Mar. 22, 2016

Long-distance trips with pets may become possible

Massimiliano Fasana from Italy created a pet carrier for travelling with pets on two-wheel transport

Long-distance trips with pets may have just become easier. Italian Massimilano Fasana, a native of Milan, has created a pet carrier suitable for scooters, motorbikes, and cars. He calls his invention "Pet-on-Wheels".

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Made from plastic, it is equipped with belts, so that it can be installed on nearly any type of transport. The official website claims the invention eliminates distractions for drivers and provides animals and their owners with comfort and safety. Fasana says because he has always had small pets and often travels by scooter in heavy traffic he was inspired to make the device.

"This is the only carrier made at the moment that allows you to carry a small-size pet safely on a scooter. We also designed it so that you can block the head opening from inside the carrier and lock it so that when you've taken out your animal you can use the carrier to store your helmet or other items", Massimilano Fasana says. 

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In many countries, traffic laws restrict the carriage of pets on two-wheeled vehicles. Fasana says that was kept in mind during the design phase. He states the final product complies with worldwide highway codes. It is already attracting interest globally.

"We have already received orders from several countries around the world, from Japan, Singapore and Taiwan and we are in contact with distributors in the United Kingdom and France", Fasana says. 

Now Fasana and his partners want to develop their idea further. They have submitted the project to a crowdfunding platform in order to raise cash.

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