: Lviv enters top-10 list of European tourist attractions

16:29 May. 25, 2016

Lviv enters top-10 list of European tourist attractions

The old city center stands illuminated at night on September 15, 2014 in Lviv, Ukraine. Lviv, which is located in western Ukraine near the border to Poland. (Getty Images)

Lonely Planet says Ukraine's western city is ' wonderfully welcoming'

The Ukrainian city of Lviv has made it to the top-10 list of European tourist attractions in 2016, according to the Lonely Planet guidebook.

"Ukraine has had a turbulent time recently, but what many don't realise is that events have had little direct effect on the country's west; some places have even prospered in the new order," one of the biggest tourist guides writes on its official website.

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Lviv is "a wonderfully welcoming central European city, boasting the best Ukraine has to offer," the guidebook says.

The authors of the guidebook add, a record 100 events are going to take place in Lviv this year, the most popular dedicated to coffee, jazz and Ukrainian independence.

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"And 2016 is the year to come; the locals are happier than ever to see foreigners wandering their country and favourable exchange rates get you more bang for your buck," the guidebook states.

The cities that entered the top-3 are the Peloponnesus (Greece), Aarhus (Denmark), and Venice (Italy).


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