: Lviv honours victims of Sknyliv air show accident
Society12:55 Jul. 27, 2016

Lviv honours victims of Sknyliv air show accident

Sknyliv tragedy is the deadliest in world's air show history

The victims of the tragedy that occurred during air show at Sknyliv air field on 27 July 2002 are being commemorated in Lviv.

After the morning liturgy, that took place near the Lviv airport, the participants of the commemorating events walked to the memorial to the victims of the worst tragedy in the history of air shows.

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Throughout the day the common prayers and mourning ceremonies are set to take place in Lviv.

The tragedy happened fourteen years ago during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Ukraine's 14 aviation Corps.

The Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 operated by two experienced pilots crashed into the crowd during the aerobatics presentation.

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77 people, including 28 children, died; more than 500 were injured with 100 of them hospitalized with severe traumas.

The catastrophe became one of the largest in number of victims in the whole history of the aviation shows, having beaten the previous grim record set during air show at the US Ramstein airbase in Germany, where 70 people were killed.


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