: Lviv landfill problems expose trash recycling issues across Ukraine

18:22 Jun. 14, 2016

Lviv landfill problems expose trash recycling issues across Ukraine

The Hrybovychi landfill is at the centre of the controversy surrounding waste collection in Ukraine (UNIAN photo)

Mayor Sadovyi asks Ukrainian president to implement stage of emergency 

The garbage sage continues in the western Ukrainian region of Lviv. Tons of trash are still burning forcing the mayor to beg President Poroshenko to implement an emergency situation.

The Hrybovychi landfill is at the centre of the controversy surrounding waste collection not only in Lviv but in other parts of Ukraine.

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Firefighters say this is the first time they are attempting to put out a blaze of this scale from above. But they admit, it's not an easy task. Gasses that have been developing here for years are a huge threat to the safety of everything surround the landfill.

Although Lviv city hall is quite a distance away, the issue is at the forefront of the debates within the administration walls. Several hundred protesters even showed up unannounced to demand Mayor Sadovyi's resignation. They all say his handling of the Hrybovychi problem is shameful. 


The Hrybovychi landfill (UNIAN Photo)

Although the crowd managed to break through the police cordon and even have a scuffle with the authorities - Lviv's mayor remained in his office during the commotion. Sadovyi says he isn't hiding but simply is staying at his workplace.

Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv Mayor: "There was an attempt to disrupt a session, then the city hall session was actually canceled. I found out about it late last night, that's why I called the head of the police force and this is why we have increased security here today".

While politicians were trying to put out a public relations fire, the firefighters actually managed to finally get a handle on the landfill blaze. Even the search for the fourth missing person resumed shortly.

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The head of the operation says they have to be extremely cautious of the condition while putting out the fire and looking for the victim's body.

Hrybovychi garbage site illustrates the problem that Ukraine is going through. The tragedy that captured the headlines also prompted locals and politicians to ask questions. The villages surrounding the landfill should have been evacuated years ago, yet people still live there. So, whether the Hrybovychi problem will lead to an ecological makeover and a complete turn-around of the waste collection industry - only time will tell .

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