News from annexed Crimea: Man severely beaten for wearing Ukrainian symbols in occupied Crimea

14:17 Sep. 9, 2016

Man severely beaten for wearing Ukrainian symbols in occupied Crimea

A man was severely beaten for having Ukrainian coat of arms and a sign of Azov Corps on his bicycle (Photo source: QHA Crimena News Agency)

The attacker is reported to be a plain-clothed police officer  

Ukrainian coat of arms, a sign of Azov Civil Corps on the bicycle frame, and a yellow and blue bracelet became grounds for a severe beating of a man in the Russian occupied city of Sevastopol, Crimea.

The wife of 39-year-old Igor Movenko received a call reporting that her husband was lying on the pavement in a pool of blood at the specified address.

Upon arrival, she saw a crowd of people, and the thug in plain clothes standing over the head of her husband. The hands of her husband were strapped in front of him with plastic braces.

Patrol officers were already on the scene supporting the thug, who said he was a police officer, but did not show his ID.

Warning: this content that may be disturbing to some viewers

Nobody hurried to provide medical care for the man, although it was suggested that he had sustained a concussion.

"As a result: broken cheekbone, nose fractures, puncture of the spinal cord for intracranial haemorrhage. The FSB has opened a case against the victim for the symbols of  "Azov", "as a fascist organisation" and for a fight! The victim needs urgent legal aid," public activist Irina Gorelikova wrote on a social media page.

Based on reporting by QHA Crimean News Agency

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