Crimea sanctions: Maritime sanctions for Crimea made huge gap in Russian trading fleet – analyst

19:32 Oct. 5, 2016

Maritime sanctions for Crimea made huge gap in Russian trading fleet – analyst

Shipping to the Crimea map (by BSNews and Shippingexplorer)

Due to dramatic decrease of public and freight sea transportation to occupied Crimea the Kremlin have to fill the gap in with up to 200 vessels

Although Kremlin keeps saying that foreign naval vessels ignore the sanctions and sail to Crimea, the majority of vessels that carry passengers and cargo to or from the ports of occupied peninsula are Russian, the monitoring group of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs and BSNews report states.

On our site you can read Ukraine Today's analysis of the revealed data or full version of the report. Also we present the full database on 'violator' vessels by country.

According to the monitors' "black list", or rather, the complete database of vessels that violated the Ukrainian legislation and the international sanctions and docked at the ports of the occupied Crimea since its annexation, the number of foreign ships sailing to peninsula decreased dramatically and Kremlin had to replace them with their own civil fleet. In 2014 the total number of sanction violators counted 146 vessels, of which 45% were Russian. In 2015, Russian partly increased to 63% and for the 8 months of this year it already rose to 71%.

There is a massive process of replacement with vessels sailing to the ports of the occupied Crimea with Russian steamers, either under the Russian flag or having Russian ship-owner, Chief Editor BSNews and Maidan of Foreign Affairs' Andryi Klymenko says. It is a very big problem for the Kremlin, because Russian river-sea fleet appeared to have shortage of 200 vessels to provide transportation for the occupied territory, analyst say.

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To cover this shortage Russia had to lease and then buy more than 10 modern ferries from Greek ship-owners. It turned out to be a pretty big sum for Russia, suffering from sanctions, the Chief Editor stressed.

The complete study of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs titled "The Effectiveness of the International Maritime Sanctions Against Russia Over the Occupation of Crimea" will be presented in Kyiv on Friday, October 7, 2016 in partnership with the Ukraine Today. The presentation will be held at 11.00 a.m. at the Maidan of Foreign Affairs office, 22a Mykhailivska St, Suite 81 (5th floor).

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