Euromaidan anniversary: Meet Dmytro Bulatov, who fought for his country in Kyiv and Donbas
Society16:19 Nov. 19, 2016

Meet Dmytro Bulatov, who fought for his country in Kyiv and Donbas

Maidan activist, Minister of Ukraine and soldier in Donbas - Bulatov's story in an interview with UT

The Automaidan was a big part of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.

When the protests against the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych turned into bloody clashes between the demonstrators and the riot police, car owners organized their own movement, driving around the city to attract attention to the ongoing confrontation.

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One of the organizers of the movement, Dmytro Bulatov, agreed to talk with UT correspondents and talk about a roller coaster his life has turned into since the protests began.

'The Automaidan started when I woke up, watched the news, read Facebook messages, saw that people had been beaten on the Maidan, and somebody wrote to me saying that one of my friends was detained and taken to a police department, because he had tried to help a girl, who was beaten', the former businessman told UT.

Dmytro Bulatov and the Automaidan moving to organize a protest near the Interior Ministry building, after the beating of the Euromaidan activists (

‘When I saw it, I placed the flag in my car, got into it and drove, stopping and suggesting to people that they join me, create a column and express our protest. A lot of people joined me. And when they started persecuting us, we realized we couldn't stop because we would end up in prison', Bulatov said.

He has lived through a lot in his life. During the protests Bulatov was kidnapped and maimed. After Yanukovych was ousted, he became the Minister of Sports and Youth of Ukraine, and found himself under a lot of criticism due to his lack of experience.

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Nine months later he was freed from his position, and in 2015 he was conscripted to fight against the Russian-backed separatist forces in Donbas. One of the few Ukrainian politicians, sent to war.

Bulatov (R) standing next to Ukrainian soldiers in Schastya, Luhansk region (photo:

Torture, battlefield injury and relations with the Automaidan activists – learn more about Bulatov's story in his interview with Ukraine Today. 

This material is part of a series of inteviews about the Maidan Revolution, dedicated to the third anniversary of the beginning of the protests. 

Here is the interview of Ukrainian lawyer, involved in the investigation into the murders of the Euromaidan activists, known as the Heavenly Hundred

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