: MH17 Crash Investigation: Netherlands publishes a new report

19:12 Jun. 6, 2016

MH17 Crash Investigation: Netherlands publishes a new report

Workers remove parts of the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines passenger jet MH17 at the helm of Dutch investigators and members of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission at the crash site in rebel-held Grabovo village, Ukraine on November 18, 2014 (Getty Images)

Malaysian plane was downed over eastern Ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 people on board

The international investigators published a report on the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, the Donbas region, in 2014, according to the Dutch Public Prosecution Service.

The document explains six aspects of the investigation including forensic research into debris, a field office in Kyiv, collecting soil samples in a disputed territory, investigation into weapons systems, working together in the JIT, and legal assistance.

Experts are collecting the downed Boeing fuselage at the Dutch Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base. Last summer the investigative group members visited the crash site in the Donbas region and collected soil samples from places where a missile might have been launched from. They also tried to find fragments of the missile, which was probably used to shoot down the plane. 

The report also demonstrates rear parts of the Buk missile, which was found at the crash site. 

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The investigators say they have to determine what weapon was used, who used it, where it was launched from, how the plane was destroyed, and whether it was downed by accident or intentionally.

Last week the report was sent to victims' relatives. The international investigation team comprises prosecutors and police servicemen from the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, Belgium and Ukraine. The final results will be published this autumn.

The Malaysian plane MH17 heading from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur was downed over Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board. The analysis of the damaged pieces of salvaged plane wreckage showed the board had been shot by a Russian-made surface-to-air BUK missile. This was later confirmed in the final report of Dutch Safety Board.

Criminal investigations are still ongoing but the Dutch Safety Board has determined the plane was targeted by a Russian-made warhead launched off a surface-to-air-missile system by pro-Russia separatists in a conflict zone of Ukraine near the Russian border.

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