MH17 investigation: MH17 report blaming Putin will have no effect – UT poll

19:35 Oct. 10, 2016

MH17 report blaming Putin will have no effect – UT poll

A demonstration against Putin, linked to MH17 shootdown (GettyImages Photo)

UT audience appeared pessimistic on the triumph of the justice in MH17 case

After the Joint Investigation Team report on the Malaysian Boeing catastrophe report Ukraine Today asked our readers a question: "MH17 report implies Putin guilty: what's next?"

More than 20.55% of our audience responded with the assurance, that Putin will be called to The Hague. 14.73% the readers think that report will lead to the strengthening of the sanctions, and 7.88% – to the increasing of support for Ukraine.

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8.22% expect another few years of investigation on perpetrators, and 1.71% are afraid of some back-room deals between the West and Putin's regime.

But most surprising was the last answer. The majority of UT audience appeared pessimistic on the triumph of the justice: 46.92% of respondents chose ‘Nothing changes' variant.

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On our side, we do believe that the last answer was rather cautious than true and this time international law in the case of international terrorism punishment will be met thanks to the huge efforts of millions of indifferent people from around the world.

"Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing," John Stuart Mill on February 1, 1867.


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