: Militant prisoners in Donbas warzone pleasantly surprised with Ukrainian soldiers' treatment
Society19:34 Jul. 4, 2016

Militant prisoners in Donbas warzone pleasantly surprised with Ukrainian soldiers' treatment

Eight Russian-backed separatists were captured on June 27, 2016

Ukrainian soldiers demonstrated that they can go forward having no casualties. Eight enemy prisoners near the city of Mariupol is the largest military success of the Ukrainian army since the beginning of 2016. Prisoners' eyes show doomness, and fear is taking over them. They are unsure about their own future, because they expect the same treatment they give to Ukrainian prisoners. However, their expectations don't meet the reality.

'Bloodthirsty Ukrainians', as militants often refer to the Ukrainian military, gave water and cigarettes to prisoners. And they are polite with them.

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Prisoners are sent to the frontline one by one. This is a finale of one of the most successful operations of Ukrainian soldiers. It started a couple of days ago, with a thorough elaboration of every step. However, details played a more important role. For example, the soldier's military uniform, who was the first to enter military stronghold.

Before that operation, militants started an intense fire of the village of Shyrokyne once again. And during the mess-up, they built several strongholds around the village right in the grey zone. They quickly mobilized locals to be on duty at their newly-established positions.

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Militant forces wanted to hide behind the OSCE even in the new story with captives. Eduard Basurin, one of the leaders of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic, explains enemy's new strongholds in the grey withdrawal zone with the agreement with international observers.

Eduard Basurin, militants' spokesperson: "Army engineering units of the Donetsk People's Republic was conducting a regular mine clearance in coordination with the OSCE mission."

The organization's representative claimed that militant forces' statement is a disinformation.

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Alexander Hug, Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE SMM: "This is a disinformation, directed against the special monitoring mission. It undermines the chances to reach a long-lasting peace."

Militant gang formations have almost no opportunity to take revenge for the captives, if Ukraine's armed forces are united and pro-active in protecting Ukrainian territorial integrity.

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