: Minister explains why Donbas conflict will not be solved even after Ukraine restores border control

14:53 Jun. 22, 2016

Minister explains why Donbas conflict will not be solved even after Ukraine restores border control

Ukrainian troops from Donbass battalion train with small arms on March 13, 2015 outside Mariupol, Ukraine. (Getty Images)

"Ukraine has 3 million of people who do not accept it"

Conflict in eastern Ukraine will not be solved even when Ukraine restores control over its state border.

That is according to the head of the newly created Ministry for IDPs, ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] zone and temporarily occupied territories Vadym Chernysh, who recently spoke to the Golos Ukrainy parliamentary newspaper.

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"We can see that today hatred is sown on the other side – on the uncontrolled territories, where they are trying to make lists of children whose parents have died, other people and keep them in such a group, calling Ukrainians the ‘punitive forces', etc. Russian secret services are using these and other means to keep the conflict alive as long as possible," Chernysh said.

According the minister, even if today Ukraine has control over its border, it will receive "nearly three million people who do not accept it."

"And you get a conflict, regardless of whether you are in control of the border or not. It is still a situation of the conflict, it's just another dimension of it", - he added.

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"We have a unified Ukrainian society, without any national component and in this war, as it was in the former Yugoslavia. We have a conflict, which is artificially provoked," - he concluded.

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