: 'Russia can't give Crimea back voluntarily - it's against its historical traditions'
Opinion19:32 Feb. 24, 2016

'Russia can't give Crimea back voluntarily - it's against its historical traditions'

Russia has to pay the highest possible price for breaking international law and violence towards Ukraine, says Mykola Kapitonenko

On the program, we're going to discuss the E.U.'s support for Ukraine and the future of Russia-E.U. relations.

Also on the show: the Minsk ceasefire deal, the issue of Crimea and developments, that we can realistically expect for. Joining us to discuss hot topics is Mykola Kapitonenko, the director of the Centre for the Study of International Relations based in Kyiv.

Read also UT's intreview with Mykola Kapitonenko 'Ukraine is trying to offer a vision of its place within European security policy'

Watch also Samantha Power: 'Only matter of time before Ukraine feels whole and sovereign again' (Exclusive)


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