Propagandistic film screening fail: Mykolaiv students display disdain to propagandistic movie

15:20 Nov. 24, 2016

Mykolaiv students display disdain to propagandistic movie

Ukrainian students attend lecture (Source: Unian)

During school hours, students from Mykolaiv were shown documentary movie about 'Ukrainian punishers' in Donbas

The movie about the events in Donbas of 2014, "Those Who Came to Power", was shown instead of a film about presumption of rightness of police officers to students of the Mykolaiv Sukhomlynsky State University. Students considered the movie a pro-Russian propaganda and left the lecture theatre in a scandalous way using swear words. Only 1/3 of the students remained at the lecture theater for further film discussion. 

The deputies of the Opposition Block and representative of the movement Ukrainskiy Vybor (Ukrainian Choice) were present at the event. The parties actively promote Russian interests in Ukraine; the leader of Ukrainskiy Vybor, Viktor Medvedchuk, is a godfather of one of Vladimir Putin's children.  

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Human rights activist, Elena Kabashnaya was the organizer of the movie screening. On her Facebook, she posted that students reported about the propagandistic film incident to the Security Service of Ukraine. 

"I was assured once more that everything is ambiguous and now even a chronicle is considered propaganda and separatism,"wrote Elena Kabashnaya.

The organizers say they wanted to show a different viewpoint about the situation in Donbass. 

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Pro-Russian separatist forces have established Donetsk People's Republic in the region. The War in Donbas was started with pro-Russian protests in March 2014, in the aftermath of the Revolution of Dignity and Euromaidan movement. 

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