: New police service centers to be established across Ukraine

17:36 Jun. 30, 2016

New police service centers to be established across Ukraine

New police service centers to be opened across Ukraine

Interior Minister says the reform must be accomplished by next spring

Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's Interior Minister, says new police service centers will begin its operation in Kyiv already in July.

They are to replace Inter-district registration and examination departments of police, which have repeatedly been accused of corruption.

"IRED (Inter-district registration and examination department of police) formally ceased to exist six months ago, but we had to do a "spring cleaning" in order to understand what really works and in what way. The previous IRED was a system of horror, and the new service center cannot be like that", Avakov declared.

He added that right after Kyiv, the service centers will start working all over Ukraine.

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The reform means facilitation of administrative services provision to citizens. Namely, issuance and change of driving licenses, registration of vehicles, issuance of license plates, permits for goods transportation, police clearance certificate etc.

"The principles of a service center operation are the following: anti-corruption system of work, so that you cannot get services by bribing. Open space which is comfortable for visitors, motivated staff, and implementation of new technologies", the Minister added.

Avakov said he expected to complete this reform by next spring.

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According to him, police service centers will hire a new staff based on competitive system. In Kyiv the service centers have already conducted a probation period for the potential officers, with 43 candidates competing for one position.

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