Healthcare reforms: New reforms to drastically change Ukrainian healthcare

18:19 Nov. 30, 2016

New reforms to drastically change Ukrainian healthcare

The Cabinet of Ministers is adopting new reforms in healthcare (Facebook/moz.ukr)

The key resolution revisits Ukraine's healthcare financing by introduction of medical insurance

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a number of decrees, which will build the principles of the Ukrainian healthcare system. In overall, the government has adopted 10 resolutions. 

The crucial document that provides the opportunity for medical reform covers the issue of financing of healthcare. It introduces a model of national joint medical insurance, which will be available to 100% of Ukrainian citizens. A guaranteed package of medical aid has been introduced by the state – it has established a detailed set of medical services and medications, which should become available to all citizens of Ukraine, without exception. Every year, the guaranteed set will be reexamined and made public. 

Insurance premium will be carried out through general taxation and collected into the state budget. The process of transfer into a new system of financing will be gradual and it may take up to 3 years to implement it - its final establishment will be done in 2020. 

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Another resolution that has been adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers will transfer all medical establishments into a system of ‘global budget' which will provide institutions with autonomy of financial planning. Now budget estimates will be done in a simpler way: it will contain only two codes - current and capital expenditures. 

The government has also promised to provide formation of hospital districts. Hospital districts will facilitate the mechanisms of collaboration among local authorities which will allow a better management of medical organization. The districts should have at least one intensive care unit. Georgraphical borders should be established in such a way so the journey on transport to the hospital won't exceed 60 minutes. 

Special attention is given to the reform of development of the public health system in Ukraine - it switches focus from the policies of medical treatment to policies of improvement and maintenance of an individual's health. 

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The reforms also focus on funding the construction of a National Medical and Diagnostic Children Hospital, 'Okhmadyt'.

Another resolution provides ratification of licensing conditions, which will be applied to medication manufacturing regulation, both for retail and wholesale distributions – it will create a set of regulations towards drugs, which will protect the rights of citizens for quality medicine. 

The Association of Manufacturers of Innovative Medicine has announced before that only some of Ukrainian medications conform to international standards and undergo licensing. 


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