Nazi Gold Train: No traces of the mysterious treasure train in Poland yet

18:01 Aug. 19, 2016

No traces of the mysterious treasure train in Poland yet

Heavy machinery begins the search, the work of explorers hoping to find a legendary Nazi train laden with treasure and armaments in Walbrzych, Poland, on Tuesday Aug. 16, 2016. The search attests to the power of a local legend claiming a Nazi 'gold&#

Enthusiasts continue to dig, still have high hopes to find the so-called Nazi gold train

The third day of Nazi gold train search in Poland has not given the desired result, TVN24 reports. The excavation is underway at a railway embankment in the southwestern city of Walbrzych. This area is considered the closest to where the "Golden train" could be found. The enthusiasts already have dug a 4-meter deep hole.

Members of the research team have found steel and porcelain shatters yesterday. Firstly, they thought that the fragments would lead to the disappeared train with treasures. But soon the searchers found out it was just some part of a drain-pipe. Treasure hunters started to dig on Wednesday.

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The explorers Piotr Koper from Poland and Andreas Richter from Germany claimed the search would take up to 10 days. Since World War II there have been rumours that a train full of stolen gems and arms disappeared in a complex of tunnels as the Germans fled advancing Soviet troops.

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