Modern passports: No travel to Russia or Belarus with new ID

18:39 Nov. 14, 2016

No travel to Russia or Belarus with new ID

A girl receives her new ID, August 23, 2016. Kyiv, Ukraine (UNIAN Photo)

As Ukraine is advancing towards European standards of official documentation, owners of modern ID cards can still face some challenges

The new Ukrainian passport, implemented recently, is a plastic electronic card with a chip. It is planned that all the crucial information will be coded in this chip. Yet, there are some documents that are not in it, at least for now. For example, Ukrainian citizens will have to obtain a separate document about their registration place. 

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Another tricky moment is travel to Russia and Belarus. These two countries demand a traditional booklet-like passport to enter. It means the owners of new IDs will have to use a foreign passport to enter these countries. 

Despite disadvantages, electronic ID-passports provide solid benefits: it is extremely difficult to forge an electronic ID card and nobody except for the passport owner can use the document for various operations. There is a plus – if you loose the new passport, it is possible to get a new one at any Migration Service of Ukraine, not just at the one where the passport's owner is registered.

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The electronic ID cards were first issued in January 2016 to 16-year-olds. Then the cards were issued for 14-year-old citizens, the ones aged 25 and 45 who need to renew their documents and people whose passports are damaged or lost. As of November 1, anyone can obtain the modern document.

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The owners of booklet-like passports don't have to change their documents immediately. The press secretary of Migration Service, Sergiy Gunko, said that the process of transition from paper to electronic IDs will take 4-5 years.

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