: Odesa chief vet adopts tiger cub to save his life
Society21:22 Aug. 9, 2016

Odesa chief vet adopts tiger cub to save his life

Rare baby tiger was abandoned by his mother

This adorable baby tiger could have died soon after birth but for the chief veterinary at a biological park in Odesa. Leonid Stoianov adopted the cub after the mother tiger had abandoned him. The little feline has a busy schedule: he eats once in three hours, and gets regular massages.

Leonid Stoianov, chief veterinary at Odesa biological park: "First two weeks he didn't want to sleep anywhere else but on top of me. He recognises me from anyone who takes him in their arms."

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The newborn tiger weighted eight hundred grams, and now - almost three kilos. He has a fierce character and is prone to showing his claws.

Leonid Stoianov, chief veterinary at Odesa biological park: "He is angry, but he is a little man after all. He knows he is a rare tiger."

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Visitors can take a look at the cub only on weekends. But once the baby tiger starts eating meat and gets all necessary vaccinations, he will be put in his own separate enclosure at the biological park.

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