Emergency Landing: Israeli Boeing-737 arrives in Kyiv after emergency landing (video)
Society19:40 Aug. 19, 2016

Israeli Boeing-737 arrives in Kyiv after emergency landing (video)

Pilots turned back after 20 minutes of flight over report on tire damage

The passenger plane Boeing 737 heading from Tel-Aviv to Kyiv successfully landed in Kyiv airport of Boryspil at 9 am. At a first attempt to reach Ukrainian capital, the pilots had to ask for urgent landing after 20 minutes of flying.

The plane departed from international airport Ben-Gurion late on Thursday. Soon after the departure airport crew discovered tire remains on the runway, supposedly from plane's chassis. Shortly after takeoff, flight personnel was informed about the foundings. On its way back the plane circled over Israel for some time to unload fuel before making its landing.

Rescue and firefighting services were waiting for Boeing to land. 182 people aboard a plane are safe and sound. No one was hurt, yet several passengers required psychological assistance afterwards.

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