: Patriotic Education: Kids beaten with guns, sip mud in Russia's military school

17:09 May. 5, 2016

Patriotic Education: Kids beaten with guns, sip mud in Russia's military school

Teens are forced to crawl in freezing mud in the Russian city of Surgut (photo by sitv.ru)

Media reveals shocking methods used in the Russian city of Surgut

Russian media released a video showing ‘patriotic training' of children in the city of Surgut. The clip features teens crawling in freezing mud, being kicked in the heads and threatened to "get shot".

According to local sitv.ru news site, the training ‘route march' was done in a notorious "Berkut survival school" headed by Ruslan Vyshkurtsev.

Having driven the children into the mud, he is seen shouting that they should "gulp down the s**t" otherwise they can get "lead between the eyes". Immediately after the phrase, the sound of a gun shot is heard and one of the crawling kids gets hit on the back.

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Other shocking images of ‘educational techniques' show a man spraying liquid dirt on the children's faces and stepping on the head of one of them. A different person in camouflage films what is happening on camera.

Some kids are heard crying as they are forced to finish the route. The video was taken on April 24, 2016, when the temperature in Surgut was hardly above zero.


This is not the first time Vyshkurtsev's school is in the epicenter of a scandal. Last summer, having ignored weather warnings, he organized an extreme rafting trip which almost ended in a tragedy. After the boats capsized, kids had to be taken out of the water by local rescue services, with several of them hospitalized afterwards.

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