News from Ukraine: Personal chapels are a new trend among rich Ukrainians
Society18:44 Aug. 1, 2016

Personal chapels are a new trend among rich Ukrainians

Politicians and businessmen spend thousands of dollars on erecting personal prayer houses

Politicians and businessmen build personal chapels in their backyards and even on roofs of apartment blocks.

They often come up with such ideas after turning points happening in their lives. High-rank officials spend tens of thousands of dollars on adorning private churches not only with icons, but also with holy relics.

A dome on the roof of this apartment block is the only one around the country. The apartment belongs to a Greek businessman from the city of Dnipro. He decided to build that dome over his penthouse apartment.

The family's friend told that he bought the apartment for his daughter Ellada, who was going to enter one of Kyiv universities. However, eight years ago the girl had a quadricycle accident. Her farther couldn't overcome the loss.

Mykhailo"He won't talk about it. This is his pain. The chapel that was built on the apartment block, is lawful. The dome is above the room, where he will pray to unburden his heart".

A personal chapel in a backyard is a trend among Ukrainian politicians. They also erect small prayer houses once they lose their dear ones or experience miraculous recovery.

Ukraine's president has his own chapel as well. People who are close to the President say it was constructed in memory of his deceased brother Mykhailo.

There is no access to personal chapels for others. However, chapels of former state officials are possible to see. Ukraine's Ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka had ancient expensive icons and holy relics in his study. They have eventually been stolen.

Tourists can now easily visit the personal preaching house in Mezhyhirya, residence of ousted President Yanukovych. A gilded altar and amber iconostasis adorn one of multiple rooms. Cassocks and bibles are still there. Priests are rumored to have conducted services in this room.

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Denys Tarakhkotelyk, warden of Mezhyhirya residence"There were myrrh-streaming icons here and relics, which Yanukovych took away with him. Here is the Icon of Divine Mother, which is completely adorned with EUR 1.5 million worth of amber".

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