: Protecting Ukrainian Forests: Illegal felling discovered in Carpathian Mountains

15:54 May. 24, 2016

Protecting Ukrainian Forests: Illegal felling discovered in Carpathian Mountains

A bicycle rider looks at timber left in the Carpathian Mountain after logging (UNIAN Photo)

Deforestation may lead to environmental disaster

The illegal forest felling worth of nearly USD 20,000 (half a million hryvnias) was discovered in the Carpathian Mountains. This was reported by the State Ecological Inspectorate in the Ivano-Frankivsk region on Tuesday, 24 May.

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"During the inspection, which was conducted from 5 to 20 May, we discovered violations of environmental legislation (illegal logging and damaging trees without removing felling residues and timber on time) which caused USD 20,000 worth of damage to natural resources", officials said.

Forest beech, European fir trees and white spruces were illegally cut down in the Hutsulshchyna National Natural Park (located in the Western Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains).

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The inspection officials assured that all materials were submitted to local law enforcement agencies, including prosecutors, Ukraine's Security Service (the SBU), investigative officials, to define elements of criminal offenses as well as perpetrators.

Hutsulshchyna Director Vasyl Prokopchuk denied any illegal logging in the area - it was just the so-called forestry sanitary measures.

However, experts say that it was young trees that were cut down - it did not look like sanitary measures at all.

Recently, Ukrainian media published a lot of alarming stories about deforestation in the Carpathian Mountains, which can lead to environmental disaster.

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