: Protesters in St. Petersburg demand Putin's resignation over ‘Panama Papers' scandal

15:26 Apr. 8, 2016

Protesters in St. Petersburg demand Putin's resignation over ‘Panama Papers' scandal

Photo courtesy - Vesna" (Spring) movement, demvesna.org

Activists at the one-man pickets in St. Petersburg were jeered by pro-Kremlin supporters

A protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin took place in the centre of Saint-Petersburg on April 8.

It was organized by the "Vesna" (Spring) movement, a former youth department of the political party "Yabloko" (Apple).

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The demonstration was split into one-man pickets. People called for Putin to resign over his involvement in the Panama offshore scandal.

Russians brought various posters saying "Word of the day: Resignation"; another poster "Russia without Putin" was left nearby. Some of the activists were dressed in shirts reading "Putin doesn't need time, he needs a sentence".

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The demonstration was not agreed with the local authorities. Police demanded the participants provide personal information. 


After some time, the protesters were confronted by Vladimir Putin's supporters. The pro-Kremlin supporters called the activists "national traitors" and suggested they "move to Washington".

The conflict between the activists escalated. One of Putin's supporters threw an unknown liquid onto "Vesna" leader Nikolai Artemenko. The attacker was detained by the police.

The "Panama scandal" refers to the leak of information about offshores. According to the journalists who investigated the case, the assets belong to various world leaders, including Vladimir Putin.

Photo courtesy - Vesna" (Spring) movement, demvesna.org


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