International humanitarian aid on the way to Donbas: Red Cross is helping frontline cities and villages of Donbas
Society14:18 Oct. 6, 2016

Red Cross is helping frontline cities and villages of Donbas

Clean water, roll mats, blankets, fire extinguishers - a short list of things the Organization brings to frontline schools 

Fire extinguishers, roll mats and flashlights - these are the presents the Red Cross bring to a school in the so-called gray zone, in Krasnogorivka. Local pupils are used to shellings, they know what it is like - to spend long hours underground instead of in a classroom. Their school is often used as a bomb shelter, so now it's in much need of some renovation before winter comes. One of the classrooms has a huge hole from an armour-piercing projectile that hit the school in June, it was by mere chance the kids were on holiday.

"Strange as it sounds, I am grateful. Nothing exploded, there wasn't any flame, just this... hole", the school principal says

After this incident all the windows were covered with protective film - it doesn't let the shrapnel scatter. The corridor windows have sandbags simply piled up against them.

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"If they shoot, the broken glass will not fly everywhere"
"What should you do during a shelling? - Well, run to the basement, what else?"

The Red Cross brings water, roll mats, blankets along with other much-needed items - to put in the basement ready for the next winter. Instead of math tasks, these children learn drills on how to behave during a war, deliver first aid and - not to panic.

All of them have already seen blood, wounds and sometimes even death.

"Shock, panic... I remember when the shell first hit us"
"I heard this strange sound "
"I screamed because it was impossible to bear. All the windows were shattered, I crawled to the basement over glass pieces. My dad was outside and worried".

Here children are taught how to evacuate, plus what they must not touch under any circumstances.

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"A round stone"
"A teddy bear. It could have a grenade inside" 
"My friend picked up a teddy, her father grabbed it, but the bear exploded in his hands".

They know how the war sounds and how it looks like. Yet, everybody wants to remember - remember what they thought and how they played happily as a child before all this bloodshed started.

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