ATO veterans' business: Regata Club: Ukraine's male underwear popular far beyond the country's boundaries
Society16:56 Nov. 14, 2016

Regata Club: Ukraine's male underwear popular far beyond the country's boundaries

UT continues a series of stories about Ukrainian ex-combatants who open businesses after returning to a peaceful life

Ukrainian ex-soldier of the ATO Oleksandr Matyash after returning from the front came up with an idea to open a business of male underwear together with his friend Yevhen Alekseyev.

After serving in eastern Ukraine and wearing uncomfortable clothes provided by Ukraine's Armed Forces, Oleksandr was decisive in tailoring his own line of underwear. The main emphasize was to keep it high quality for the product. To that end, Regata Club brand was created.

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Oleksandr decided to test the opening batch of 12 pairs in combat conditions - his friends serving in the ATO zone became the first to try them on. And the guys remained extremely satisfied and wondered where to buy more.

Oleksandr Matyash, ATO ex-fighter, Regata Club co-founder: The first batch was not commercial, it was a testing ground for us. When we saw that people started ordering, I told Yevhen - let's reinvest our savings back into the business. And that's how we launched it. 

What is more important and new for the Ukrainian market, the founders offered a warranty of one year for all their customers that led significantly to people's trust in the brand.

Oleksandr Matyash: Our main goal is to persuade Ukrainians on buying Ukrainian products. That's why we chose this price segment. Amongst high-quality underwear in Ukraine, our product is the most affordable. For this price, you won't find anything better. Or if you try to buy some other Ukrainian underwear of the same quality, it'll cost way more.

Not long ago, the two businessmen decided to produce trekking socks for people doing active sports. Such socks are not highly represented on the Ukrainian market so they hoped to meet their own needs and of course to find even more clients.

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Oleksandr Matyash: They want 30 or 40 dollars for that type of imported socks which is too much. It's how the idea appeared.

Regata Club is ready to realize the whims and wishes of their customers. However, as the founders say, only concerning the size, color or material.

Yevhen Alekseyev, Regata Club co-founder: If they ask, we will give them a pass and for sure tailor what they ask for, customer satisfaction.

As for the future, Oleksandr and Yevhen look positively optimistic and want to launch some new lines like kids and women underwear production. UT is sure that these guys will reach the top already expanding their sales to Poland, the UK, the US, Russia and other countries. We wish them luck.

Taras Chechko, UT correspondent

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