: Rehabilitation with Passion: Tango lessons for Ukrainian soldiers

18:49 May. 20, 2016

Rehabilitation with Passion: Tango lessons for Ukrainian soldiers

Photo source: hromadske.ua

War veteran opens dance school in Kyiv

A tango school recently opened its doors in Kyiv. However, 'Aliento de Tango' doesn't just offer typical dance lessons. Ukrainian war veteran Oleksiy Havrys is behind the project. Havrys says his goal is to help provide another method of rehabilitation for soldiers during the period of post-war adaptation.

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"Everybody can learn how to tango," Havrys says. "You don't have to have the perfect body or to be extremely handsome or to have long legs. Before the discharge from the army, I had this idea that I could invite ATO (Anti-Terroristic Operation) soldiers and officers and they could practice here for free," the veteran adds.

The founder of the tango school believes that dance is the best mental and physical rehabilitation ever invented.

32-years old Viktor Kardash, one of the heroes of the social multi-media project 'The Victors' (Peremozhtsi) lost his leg in a mine explosion in eastern Ukraine also takes lessons in the school.

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Kardash who was a dance teacher before the war, says the most important thing is to overcome yourself: "I decided to show my future wife that I can dance on our wedding day. I think that everything is possible. Obviously, there are certain limitations, but when you start practicing, you understand that the biggest limitation is in your head."

Cover photo source: hromadske.ua

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