Echoes of WWII: Remains of 27 Polish soldiers buried in western Ukraine (photos)

17:01 Nov. 25, 2016

Remains of 27 Polish soldiers buried in western Ukraine (photos)

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They died back in September 1939 in battles for Lviv 

Bodies of 27 Polish soldiers, who had died back in September 1939, were buried in Mostyska, Lviv region in western Ukraine on Friday, November 25, according to Poland's Defense Ministry. 

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They were killed after they went to Lviv to try and fight off the Soviet invasion of the territory, that belonged to Poland at the time.  

‘The burial is so late, but it's so significant, it's a great message of cooperation between our countries, our people', said Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, who attended the ceremony in Ukraine.  

The remains of the soldiers were recovered thanks to the efforts of the Freedom and Democracy Foundation (Wolność i Demokracja), which had already helped locate nearly 300 bodies, with 140 of them being exhumed.

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The remains of 111 Polish soldiers, found in mass graves around Lviv, were buried in Mostyska in November 2015.

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