: Rescuers seeking for the fourth man disappeared at disposal dump of Hrybovychi in Lviv region
Society17:30 Jun. 2, 2016

Rescuers seeking for the fourth man disappeared at disposal dump of Hrybovychi in Lviv region

After landfill collapse and fruther shutting down Lviv faces ecological problems

The search continues at a landfill in the village of Hrybovychi in Lviv region. Rescuers are still hoping to locate the fourth man who disappeared at a disposal dump. On Thursday morning, authorities renewed the operation despite the severe danger. The hill that's filled with tons of trash has cracked and could collapse at any moment.

Police do not rule out any other possibilities for the man's location. The nearby forest is also being combed through by officers.

Oleksandr Hostischyev, Head of Zhovkva Police Department: "Currently, we're investigating two versions of his whereabouts. Before having disappeared, the man was seen close to the foot of the hill. The others claim to have noticed him at the bottom, just before the collapse."

Lviv, one of Ukraine's most-populated cities is situated just 10 kilometers from the site. Suburb residents say the air quality is nowhere near acceptable, many claim it is right out contaminated. The Hrybovychi landfill is currently out of service. Since the collapse, Lviv authorities shut it down but are reluctant to disclose where trash is being disposed at instead.

Oleh Hayovshyn, Head of Recycling Enterprise: "I would not like to name the places we are currently using instead of Hrybovychi since we want to avoid the mass flow of cars and people there. Believe me, we are using official polygons, according to the law."

Relatives of the man allegedly trapped in piles of trash still hold out hope to see him alive again. However, the search crews on the site are less optimistic. While the rescue operation unfolds, Lviv residents hope this will serve as a wake-up call to the city administration to finally get rid of the troublesome landfill. Local authorities have yet to fire back.

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