Donetsk Resistance: Resistance fighters burn militant's flag in Donetsk and fly Ukrainian flag (video)

14:08 Oct. 26, 2016

Resistance fighters burn militant's flag in Donetsk and fly Ukrainian flag (video)

'Donetsk Resistance' rise Ukrainian flag on the slagheap over Donetsk-city (Screenshot from YouTube)

Anonymous members of ‘Donetsk Resistance' published video of their actions and called separatists ‘mugger's republic'

Ukrainian patriots burned the flag of Russia-backed separatists in the centre of Donetsk and have risen the flag of Ukraine on one of the local slagheaps. The video of both actions was published on social networks, the Centre of Military-Civilian Cooperation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces informs.

The video appeared on the Internet by October 25. Patriots who raised the flag, said they are the members ‘Donetsk Resistance.' According to their statement, they acted on behalf of other patriots of Ukraine who live in militant-held Donetsk.

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As proof this the video is filmed in Donetsk, the activists captured on camera a few recognisable views of the city from the slag heap.

Earlier they published a video burning the flag of ‘DPR' near the ‘Donbas Arena' stadium in the centre of militant-occupied Donetsk. Activists said the war started because local population believed the Kremlin propaganda and called Russian militants like Girkin, Motorola to their land. Also the activist called militant ‘states' in Donbas ‘not a people's, but a gangster's republic'. 

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