: Home of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu opened to visitors
Society11:32 Mar. 24, 2016

Home of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu opened to visitors

The lavish residence of Romania's former dictator and his wife opens to visitors, over two decades since their execution

Former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's private residence, codenamed during his rule as the "P50 unit", has been opened to visitors, attracting tourists and locals who are curious about his lavish lifestyle.

It was home to Ceausescu's family, including his wife Elena and their children Nicu, Zoe and Valentin, until they were overthrown in a revolution in 1989.

After the Ceausescu couple were executed on December 25, 1989, the palace and its contents were managed by the Romanian state used as temporary residence for foreign official delegations.


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