: Russia stops production of 'Obamka' ice cream due to a scandal

16:22 May. 11, 2016

Russia stops production of 'Obamka' ice cream due to a scandal

President Barack Obama holds his ice cream cone during a visit to Grand Ole Creamery in St. Paul, Minn., Thursday, June 26, 2014. (AP Images)

The treat with controversial label mocking U.S. President is no longer available in stores

Russian factory 'Slavitsa', based in the Tatarstan republic in eastern Russia, stopped its production of ice cream called 'Obamka'. The controversial title of the product is a diminutive form of the U.S. President's last name. The company says it ceased production after it was accused of racism and anti-Americanism. According to the Russian media, the ice cream batch was a trial one and the factory has no plans to continue its production.

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The start of 'Obamka' ice cream production was announced in April, 2016 by Anatoliy Ragimkhanov, the financial director of 'Slavitsa' factory. On his Facebook page Ragimkhanov posted the packaging of the ice-cream which displayed a dark-skinned boy with pierced ears and a popsicle in his hand.

The Times newspaper referred to the incident as 'an example of everyday racism in Russia', while a U.S. official in an interview with Reuters said that 'the idea of production of ice cream under such label is only a part of the general disturbing tendency'.

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Russian social media users welcomed factory's initiative and advised to continue the production with ice cream labeled 'Erdoganka' [derogatory for Erdogan] and 'Merkelka' [derogatory for Merkel].

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