Plane collision in Warsaw Chopin airport: Russian airliner bumped into Polish plane in Warsaw airport - TVN24

18:06 Sep. 18, 2016

Russian airliner bumped into Polish plane in Warsaw airport - TVN24

Russian plane after the collision in Warsaw airport (TVN24 photo)

No one was injured, but passengers now need to wait 8 hours till the next flight   

An Airbus of the Russian airline Aeroflot collided witha smaller plane standing on the Chopin Airport airfield, TVN24 informs. The flight to Moscow is delayed by 8 hours. Passengers will have to wait until 20.30 for the arrival of another aircraft.

"Airbus 320 taxied for takeoff. Catching the tip of the main wings of smaller aircraft SprintAir airlines (Polish local airlines – UT). There are no problems at the airport itself. SprintAir airplane was empty. The passengers were in Russian plane, but nothing serious occured. Passengers must wait for the substitution of new aircraft at 20.30," airports spokesman Przemyslaw Przybylski specified.

Some 100 passengers were onboard the Russian plane during the collision, report says. People told TVN24 journalist, that Aeroflot hadn't given them any information about their next flight, nor proposed hotel or hot meals. Any information they are getting now comes from airport services. Some of the passengers flying on the Russian plane had transfers planned to another flights to India, Beijing or Ulan Bator.

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