: Russian Ambassador's in Ukraine party goes off course

18:45 Jun. 14, 2016

Russian Ambassador's in Ukraine party goes off course

An armed pro-Russian separatist of the self-proclaimed so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) stands guard at the destroyed Donetsk International Airport, in Donetsk, on June 1, 2016 (Getty Images)

East SOS and Euromaidan Crimea activists greet guests with ‘Russia, let Crimea go!' posters and pools of blood

On June 10, the activists from the Russian-occupied Crimea, Luhansk and other Ukrainian cities organized a protest action titled ‘The Bloody Hospitality'.

As part of the campaign, the protesters met consuls and ambassadors of the foreign countries, who came to the ceremonial reception confined to the Russia Day, and organized by the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine.

The consuls and the foreign guests' waylaid through the organized by the protesters barricades, pools of blood and ‘corpses'.

The activists met the consuls with the placards ‘Crimea is occupied', ‘Russia, let Crimea go!', and ‘You are going to have a dinner with the murderers'. 


Photo source - ua.krymr.com

The protest campaign was organized by East SOS, Euromaidan Crimea and Spas Brotherhood of Cossack military custom.

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"June 12 is Russia Day, and today the Russian Ambassador holds a ceremonial reception with the guests already invited. As far as we know, these are the consuls of different countries. As we see, there are flags of Belarus, Korea, and other countries. We wanted to remind them, that Donbas is totally destroyed because of the Russian Federation. People are killed because of the Russian Federation. Crimea is occupied, people are murdered and tortured over there, also because of the Russia's actions. Russia should bear responsibility for that," Crimean activist Serhiy Mokreniuk said.

He added that the protest campaign was aimed at the attempt to communicate to the representatives of the foreign countries that they ‘are fed from the hands of the torturers', and their participation in the event is insulting for the Ukrainian side.

Both Ukraine and the countries of the Western world accuse Russia of the support of the pro-Russian separatists and militants in Donbas region. Kremlin rejects all accusations, and in response claims that there are no Russian servicemen in eastern Ukraine, except the so-called ‘volunteers'. 


Photo source - ua.krymr.com

On February 20, 2014, Ukraine's Parliament officially announced the beginning of the temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia.

The international organizations deemed Crimea occupation and annexation as illegal and condemned the actions of Russia. As a result, the Western countries introduced a number of sanctions against Russia. Russia denied to acknowledge the occupation of the peninsula and in its turn labeled it as a ‘restoration of the historical justice'.

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