Silenced Voice: Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya is remembered on the 10th anniversary of her murder

15:25 Oct. 7, 2016

Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya is remembered on the 10th anniversary of her murder

A woman places flowers before a portrait of slain Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, in Moscow (AP photo)

OSCE, US urge to find those who ordered to silence the Kremlin critic

Russians are honouring the memory of renowned investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was killed 10 years ago, on October 7, 2006 in her Moscow apartment building.

Though in 2014 the five defendants in the case were given long prison sentences, with two of them sentenced to life behind the bars, the relatives and former colleagues say justice has not been done, and the masterminds of the murder still remain at large.


People lay flowers made from newspapers to pay last respect to Anna Politkovskaya, journalist of Novaya Gazeta, outside Novaya Gazeta head office in Moscow, Russia (AP photo)

The call to find those who ordered the killing was echoed by the U.S. administration and the OSCE.

In the statement issued on October 6, the State Department said Politkovskaya and other journalists reporting on Russia's North Caucasus were "killed in retaliation for their efforts to uncover corruption, abuse, and violations of human rights."

"Ongoing impunity for these unsolved murders continues to undermine freedom of speech and respect for justice and human rights in Russia," the statement said.

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The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatović on October 7 called on the government of the Russian Federation "to end impunity for crimes committed against journalists."

"It is unacceptable that 10 years on after this horrific murder the masterminds behind her assassination are still at large," Mijatović said.

"This vicious circle of impunity has a detrimental effect on the media freedom situation in the country," she added.

Politkovskaya, a harsh critic of the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin, was best known in the West for her reports exposing high-level corruption in Russia and rights abuses in its North Caucasus region, namely Chechnya.

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