Russian propaganda: Russian propagandist TV channel faces Ofcom inquiry in the UK

19:46 Sep. 13, 2016

Russian propagandist TV channel faces Ofcom inquiry in the UK

Ofcom Headquarters (

Ofcom will investigate TV Channel Russia Today for breaching accuracy and impartiality rules

The English-speaking broadcaster, sponsored by the Kremlin, is accused of providing inaccurate information about a fracking company Cuadrilla. RT accused Cuadrilla of dumping poisonous waste off the coast of Africa. There is no truth in the claim. 

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Russia Today, or RT, had already been punished by Ofcom on 15 occasions of disinformation, inaccurate data, and other similar breaches of broadcasting rules. Ofcom is an independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. 

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Not only Ofcom, but European Union's STratCom East, reports of numerous cases of lies and inaccuracies in channel's materials. Saying that during the last year they fixed more than 1500 cases of propaganda and direct lies in the articles and videos of Russia Today. Fake messages were distributed in 18 languages. 


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