: Russian students should not visit World Youth Day - officials

17:25 Apr. 29, 2016

Russian students should not visit World Youth Day - officials

Saratov State University (photo from ru.wikipedia.org)

Those who decide must inform the university educational department

Russia insists its citizens should not travel to the World Youth Day happening in Polish city of Kraków in late July. Head of the Saratov state university Aleksey Chumachenko claims the students might be infected with "pro-Western values" bacillus.

Local media report, a couple of days ago Chumachenko held a meeting with his subordinates ordering to limit the university students from contacts with people from the West. The tension is rising, as currently the university is awaiting a federal judge from Oklahoma along with his colleague from U.S. embassy in Russia.

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The head tutor warns the Americans may deliberately prolong their visit in order to win over the favour of the best teachers and students. Chumachenko also adds, the World Youth Day patroned by the Rome Catholic Church may try to instill pro-Western values among Russian students, as well as popularize anti-Russian ideas.

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Head of the Saratov university insisted in case someone decides to go to Poland to see the Pope, this must be immediately reported to the University department of educational work organization.

Last year Russia adopted a law concerning so called "foreign agents", ascribing the status to numerous NGO organizations and public funds. Russian officials claim the institutions recognized as "foreign agents" are unfriendly to Russia's state and badly affect Russian younger generation.

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