E-declaring finished: Pitch-forks and wads of cash: top weird declarations of Ukrainian civil servants

17:35 Oct. 31, 2016

Pitch-forks and wads of cash: top weird declarations of Ukrainian civil servants

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UT searched through declarations of Ukrainian civil servants and found lots of surprising things

Civil servants have to declare not just their income, but also cars, housing space, cash (starting with UAH 60 thousand) and everything more expensive than UAH 121 thousand. According to the information, given in declarations, every deputy of Verkhovna Rada has in average UAH 30,4 million.

Ukrainian MPs shocked the society with their wealth, showing vast collections of wine, antiquities, expensive watches, coins, paintings, and other art objects. Some of them, like Vitaliy Barvinenko, declare Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin, Harry Winston, and their only source of income – a salary inVerkhovna Rada.

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Yet, their untold wealth was not known, but is of no surprise to Ukrainians. But look at all those weird things declared! UT has collected the bits that surprised us the most.   

First, the cash-keepers.

Number one in this list is Vyacheslav Konstantynovsky, who can boast of USD 14,7 million in cash. Konstantynovsky owns a restaurant chain and became well-known in 2014, when he sold a Rolls-Royce, gave US 2,5 million to the army and went to Donbas as a volunteer to the Ukrainian army.

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Two more civil servants keep almost all of their wealth under the mattress. Kateryna Rozhkova, deputy to the head of National Bank of Ukraine, keeps in cash almost 98% of her money - USD 370 000.

Ukrainian Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk does not trust the bank system as well: he declared USD 155 000 and GBP 21 000 in cash, and this is roughly 99% of his money as well.

Meanwhile, some MPs are in for religion.

Anatoliy Matviyenko has his own 40 square meter church.


Andriy Lozovy, apart from a vast collection of icons, boasts of an encolpion cross with Holy relics dated back to 13th century.

Ihor Hryniv – has a bible and its a first edition, printed in Ukraine. He says he owns the Ostrog Bible, dated by 1581, and Apostol, the first book, printed in Ukraine in 1574.


Ostrog Bible, 1581


Apostol, 1574

The scandal already unfolds over the Apostol book – just this spring the same edition was stolen from the main scientific library of Ukraine. Hryvniv insists he owns one of the 100 other copies of the book.

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And here is a short list of non-classified items:

A ticket for sub-orbital space flight – Borys Filatov, businessman, mayor of Dnipro

Pumping station – Mykhailo Bilokin (Odesa port customs, State Fiscal Service)

Party membership card - Andriy Lozovy, MP

Pitch-fork, fitness cycle and treadmill – Oleh Lyashko, Radical Party leader


A script in backpacks with press-cuttings – Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs (this is an allusion to the spring scandal, when Avakov's ministry allegedly bought army backpacks fourfold more expensive than any other. Yet, the backpacks were never found).

170 samovars of XIX-XX century – MP Dmytro Shentsev

Soviet car VAZ-2109 plus a trailer for it – Gennadiy Zubko, Vice Prime Minister


 VAZ-2109 car


Trailer "Pchelka" (honey-bee)

And the last, but not the least. Let's not forget the two biggest jokers

The first is a fake trillionaire Sergiy Melnychuk. He declared a trillion hryvnias in cash – just to have some fun, as the MP explained.

The second –  his colleague Volodymyr Parasyuk. He wrote in his declaration that expensive watches were brought to him by St. Nickolas [Santa -UT] as a present (St.Nickolas brings presents to children who behave themselves throughout a year).

One of the last to file the declaration was the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. His papers are rather humble, comparing to other civil servants.

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Thanks to the declaration we can now have a glimpse on president's apartments' style, as the document has furniture firms' names:




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