: Bernie Sanders wins Alaska, Washington caucuses
Politics12:10 Mar. 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders wins Alaska, Washington caucuses

Sanders still faces a steep uphill climb to overtake Clinton

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders won nominating contests with ease in Alaska and Washington on Saturday.

Bernie Sanders, U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate: "Let me, let me begin by thanking the people of Alaska for giving us a resounding victory tonight. [...] And I believe that our campaign is the campaign of energy, of momentum, which will lead to a large voter turnout in November and victory. [...] All right, are you ready for a news alert? We just won the state of Washington!"

Sanders still faces a steep uphill climb to overtake Clinton. However, the big victories for Sanders in the West have generated more momentum for his upstart campaign and could stave off calls from Democratic leaders that he should wrap up his bid in the name of party unity.

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