: Savchenko won't be transferred in coming days - Ukrainian pilot's lawyer

14:32 Apr. 9, 2016

Savchenko won't be transferred in coming days - Ukrainian pilot's lawyer

Ilya Novikov, the lawyer representing Ukrainian citizens, during a press conference in Kyiv, November 7, 2015. (Photo UNIAN)

Ilya Novikov on possible twist in Savchenko's case and trial over Ukrainians in Grozny

Ilya Novikov, the lawyer for Nadiya Savchenko [Ukrainian pilot convicted and imprisoned in Russia], expects a new ‘positive' twist in her case. Novikov made the statement on Friday in an interview with a Ukrainian Inter TV channel.

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'I have information which can't be disclosed. The fact is that good news may appear within days. We hope it will happen sooner rather than later,' Novikov says.

'After all, there are negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv. I must say that they are moving in the right direction, although more slowly than we would like them to. We are expecting some sensational news. I think everybody knows that in this particular moment any attempt to move Savchenko in her present condition would wrack talks. I think that nobody wants it,' claims Savchenko's lawyer.

According to Ilya Novikov, it is the third day of Nadiya Savchenko's hunger strike and she already has visible signs of dehydration.

"Her skin is extremely dry, while mucous membranes, gums, and tongue are starting to whiten," Novikov says.

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Meanwhile, the trial in Grozny (Chechnya) over Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klykh is getting closer to the end. The Ukrainian citizens are accused of crossing Chechnya's border in 1994 with intent to "attack and murder citizens, members of the Armed Forces and law enforcement officers" and that they led 'Viking' gang, which allegedly included Dmytro Yarosh.

"The trial is coming to an end... We expect that the main part of the trial will be completed in April, and the jury will render the verdict," Ilya Novikov adds.


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