: Sea Breeze 2016: Troops practice landing operation and evacuation of wounded
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Sea Breeze 2016: Troops practice landing operation and evacuation of wounded

U.S. warships enter Black Sea for joint drills  

A U.S. dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island entered the Black Sea. Naval vessel passed through the Bosphorus channel to participate in the joint Ukrainian-U.S. multinational maritime exercises Sea Breeze 2016. The ship named USS Whidbey Island is set to take part in sea stage of the drills.

Meanwhile the land stage is unfolding in Mykolayiv region in southern Ukraine. A group of Ukrainian and Moldovan soldiers driving the military Hummers are now elaborating the defence maneuvers while being attacked from the ambush.

At the same time Georgian armed forces perform another scenario. According to the drills plot, the armed vehicle has been exploded, its driver severely wounded. The fighters are to come on another armed vehicle and shelter those left unshielded.

Nodar Getsadze, Georgian Sergeant: "Both our soldiers and Ukrainian militaries gain a big deal of experience. These exercises are very useful for our armies."

According to another legend, Ukrainian soldiers from marine corps land in the enemy camp, aiming to kidnap their leader. The fighters have in total no more than 15 minutes. Another group is expected to arrive on helicopter to evacuate their accomplices.

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Those elaborating the shooting skills train on another polygon. In order to grasp better who has been wounded the soldiers use paintball weapon. The command in total is very delighted with how the fighters cope with the tasks.

Kenneth Engle, U.S. Exercise Chief Of Staff: "It is not so simple to imagine how the circumstances could unfold in real life. However, I am sure our soldiers will cope with any difficulties."

On having finished with the maritime and on-land stages, the militaries are to elaborate the aviation skills on Kulbakin polygon.


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