Davos forum in Kyiv: Second day of Davos Communication Forum in Kyiv starts (live stream)

10:58 Sep. 20, 2016

Second day of Davos Communication Forum in Kyiv starts (live stream)

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman at Davos Forum, Sept. 19, 2016 (UNIAN Photo)

Today participants discuss the changing role of communication

The second day of Davos Communication Forum starts with a speech from Danel Koletic, Expert on crisis communications and business development strategies, CEO Apriori World, President of the Organizing Committee of the International PRO PR Conference, member of IPRA (International Public Relations Association) and CIPR (Croatia). The speech title is Real storytelling – Who creates the perception of Eastern Europe and what can we change?

You can watch this and other speeches and discussion live streamed:



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On day 1, September 19th, the forum was discussing a win-win strategy as an alternative to conflict in business, politics, and society

WCF Davos Kyiv 2016 – is an international platform for holding a dialogue between business, government, and society. The Forum brings together representatives of state bodies, public organizations, top managers of the leading companies and experts in the communications industry for the sake of efficient use of communication in addressing social issues. This year WCF Davos Kyiv extends its geography and becomes the main event in the field of communication not only in Ukraine but all over Central and Eastern Europe.

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