: Selfie Accidents in Ukraine: More teens endanger their lives striving for a nice photo
Society11:58 Jun. 30, 2016

Selfie Accidents in Ukraine: More teens endanger their lives striving for a nice photo

15-year-old teenager in critical condition after electric shock burnt 80% of his body

A desire to make a nice selfie has nearly killed a 15-year-old schoolboy in the town of Berdychiv in northern Ukraine. Three teenagers decided to make a selfie photo on the unhooked and removed wagon. Yan Kovals'ky was the first to climb up the construction where he got an electric shock after undeliberate touching the high-voltage electric arc.

Iryna Kolomiyets, Zhytomyr police press-officer: "His two friends accompanying him saw how the boy got injured. At first the guys got frightened and ran away, but then returned and started extinguishing their friend, since Yan was totally caught with fire."

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Now the injured boy is in the hospital in critical condition. His parents are on overnight duty near his emergency ward, the doctors do not dare to make any predictions.

Tetyana Varchuk, children's anaesthetist: "The patient has undergone severe burns. 80% of his body are injured, currently the boy is in the state of barbiturate-induced coma, with permanent painkilling and lung ventilation."

Since multifunctional smartphones have become a mass trend, more and more youngsters die while trying to make an impressive selfie. According to unofficial statistics, the efforts to make a selfie killed nearly 50 people, hundreds more are said to have been injured.

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