: Refugee film directer struggles to make camp life less miserable
Society17:59 Mar. 26, 2016

Refugee film directer struggles to make camp life less miserable

Nizar Al Hossan gatheres around people with all kinds of skills to stage entertainment events at refugee camp

Nizar Al Hossan is a 51-year-old Syrian film and documentary director who is now a refugee in the Presevo refugee camp in Serbia.

Back in Syria Hossan produced six films and several stage plays and gained some fame in the Middle East. He had his own film company and producing team and lived a middle class life until the breakout of the Syrian civil war, which forced him to dismiss his team and flee the country.

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Hossan arrived at the Presevo refugee camp in February. Now he is waiting to be transferred to the next stop, Croatia, but has now been trapped in Serbia after the European Union adopted a new refugee policy.

Nizar Al Hossan, Syrian film and documentary director: "Well, actually I was smoking, but in this situation, you have to smoke because something have to do like this. This man before, he smoked three or five cigarettes per day. Now he smokes two boxes a day because he doesn't know what to do. He has families with him here, six people here, small children."

Hossan decided to make a change for people like him. He gathered together fellow refugees with all kinds of skills to stage entertainment events at the camp.

As they sing and dance, smiles begin to come back on the faces of the refugees, however, he said laughter would not last if the refugee policy remains unchanged.

Nizar Al Hossan, Syrian film and documentary director: "It's temporary I think, for one day maybe two hours (of laughter). And nobody would forget the experience in their lives."

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Every night after the activities, Hossan returns to his tent where he checks the news, hoping there might be changes for the better when the next day comes.

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